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"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them . . .
            filling an emptiness we don't even know we have."
                                                         Thom Jones
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Our rescue efforts are fully funded by donations, adoption fees and fundraisers, and to date, whatever is left over we cover.  Our mission is important, we know this.  We stretch ourselves thin to do right by as many of these lost kids as we can.  We have fund raising programs in place and hope to find sponsors who will help us continue our mission to save.  Donations are appreciated so much. 


Our supporters to date have helped us unconditionally and we cannot express our gratefulness enough, as every donation in every amount has helped us move forward with our mission.  We want to save dogs in all their forms.  We are working hard toward the opening and dedication of our new facility, which will help us SAVE MORE DOGS.  You can donate to Haven of Hope using the PayPal buttons here or you can contact Lori at if you prefer to send a check.  Thank You for your support!!!

What we need:  Funds for spaying and neutering, basic medical care, de-worming and heart worm preventive, and our Emergency Fund for unexpected medical expenses that may be very expensive but necessary to sustain new rescues. We are grateful for donated dog-food and basic supplies such as bedding, food and water dishes, raw hides, diversionary toys, tennis balls, jolly balls, dish soap, disinfectant spray and cleaners, paper towels, Milk Bones, Purina Puppy Chow, the list goes on and on.  Your financial donations are also used to provide basic obedience training and behavioral evaluations by experts to ensure our rescues are not only physically healthy for their new families, but also given every possible chance to blend and succeed in their new homes.  Thank you to everyone who has given to our mission - TO SAVE DOGS.

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