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Current Events and Fundraisers!

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You can purchase our Hope Farms Spicy Dill Pickles at The Old Store in Piedmont, OK, or order for special delivery in the OKC metro area!! This is our own special recipe and they are AMAZING!  Check out our Facebook page and place your order or text 405-620-2411 !!  Proceeds benefit Haven of Hope Rescue and help us continue our Mission - TO SAVE DOGS!

Mark your calendars for Piedmont's very own Junklahoma!!!  Saturday, September 10, 2022!  To be held in downtown Piedmont, America, hosted by The Old Store, this event is a HUGE collection of vendors, food trucks, street fun and shopping!!  We will be there with our pickles, "Me and Tree" books and merchandise, and some new and fun stuff to shop!  Look for our little blue and white Mini Winnie!  We hope to see you there!!! 

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Check back often for updates
on our upcoming fundraisers....

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