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Our Mission

Our mission is to save one of the purest creatures on the planet.  Domestic dogs are selfless, devoted, and innocent unless they are marred by humans..  They love, they care, they show affection, intelligence and emotion.  As pack animals they are very organized and implement an effective hierarchy.  Millions of them die needlessly each year because they are neglected, abused, or given up and end up in shelters through no fault of their own.  Mass breeders churn out puppies by the thousands each year in our state of Oklahoma alone.  And while these puppy mill operators are making tax free income by producing more life, millions die in shelters each year because there are simply not enough homes for them all.  We support responsible breeders.  We hold a firm belief that reducing the number of unethical mass breeding facilities and promoting spay and neuter programs can significantly reduce the number of these kids lost every day.  But also critical to our mission is to raise awareness of the beautiful, viable creatures available for adoption in our shelters and within our rescue walls by the thousands.  Our goal is to rescue dogs who face certain euthanasia, who are lost, injured, or otherwise vulnerable. We always hope to reunite pets with their lost humans if that is the case.



We provide care and housing until our rescue kids find their forever homes.  We hope to be able to provide not only necessary health care, but appropriate socialization, obedience training and guidance to new adopters.  Dogs are just like children.  They need love and attention, consistency, our approval, structure, discipline and boundaries.  Pet owners sometimes grow so frustrated with a new canine child because of normal dog behavior that they give them up.  Dogs are dogs.  They chew, they bark, they need.  But each year, millions are lost because of behaviors that may be easily fixed with appropriate training techniques, or just plain love and patience. .  We hope through our program to not only find the perfect forever home for our kids, but to start their new journey out on the right paw.

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