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In Remembrance


passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 22, 2014. She came to us in 2011 and lived for a year with a family. When the family was no longer able to properly care for her, Cinnamon came back to us at Haven of Hope at Christmas time in 2012. Cinnamon suffered from an upper respiratory infection, a severe skin infection, and chronic allergies when she returned to us and was a sick little girl for awhile. But, we were able to make her better with medicine and love, and she lived a peaceful life with us, enjoying the company of our other rescue kids and lying in the sun. Cinnamon LOVED to lie in the sun. Cinnamon had the sweetest temperament and personality, and we are still trying to deal with her loss.


While Cinnamon never really got back to full and complete health, we did not know she had what was likely a tumor in her lung that had been hiding for some time. While we hoped it was pneumonia and we could fix her again, that was not the case and God called her over the Rainbow Bridge. Cinnamon had the sweetest trot when she was coming to see you, and had a compelling gaze that captured your eye and drew you to her. She trotted around kind of in a sideways manner, and would look back at you if she was trotting along with you. If she was trotting toward you, her greetings to you were always very sweet and loving. She loved affection and attention, and was very proud of her "room" and her bed at our facility.


She was only about eight years old. She will be terribly missed by us, and the other dogs have been looking for her today. Rest in Peace Beautiful Girl. Know that we love you, and you mattered very much to us. We were honored to have been the ones chosen here on earth to care for you and love you for your remaining time here with us. Thank you for the privilege of your sweet spirit and gentle companionship, for your trust, and for your Love. We miss you.




Our thoughts and prayers are with Elsa who passed away on June 6, 2015.

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