If ONLY their families would always treat them as the people they truly are!

Thank you for considering a Haven of Hope Rescue.​

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Haven of Hope has saved hundreds of dogs from abusive and neglectful situations, dumped and abandoned dogs, and last chance dogs with no other Hope from shelters throughout Oklahoma


Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation

offers dog adoption in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.  We rescue dogs and find loving homes for them.


Since 2009, we have rescued or have been a significant factor in rescuing hundreds of dogs and puppies. Our greatest wish is to have the ability to expand and grow so that we can reach further, act faster, and snatch more lives back from the brink. Our hearts are SO in this. Rescue is hard, grueling work. It requires devotion, inner strength, integrity, and tenacity. Lives depend on us. We are devoted, we are strong, we have integrity, and are tenacious. We are giving everything that we have, and all that has been given, and still, they need more. Please be a part of our solution and join us to give them hope.

We focus our energy on saving dogs that have no Hope. We do not discriminate based on age, sex, color, breed, length of fur or ability to obey basic commands or stay off the furniture. And slobber doesn't bother us. We are a 501(c)3 organization. In October 2010 we applied for our IRS 501c3 status. Until that point, we had been self funded and continue to self fund many aspects of our organization. We understand that the reality of being able to expand and grow depends on donations and our adoption fees. Sponsorship of our rescues and donations in any form are greatly appreciated and necessary for us to continue our mission, which truly is . . 

to Save Dogs!

Lori and Richard

Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation



.... they briefly touch our lives and we seek to find them safety, then once we do, while the fleeting sadness is always there, we know that because THIS ONE is Home, we can now direct our attention to the next one."                                          

Lori Jones

Adoptable Dog of the Week


Meet Jake!

credit Hope Photography Studios, Lori Jones


"Jett" another success story

Now he has heard a whistle down the street

He trembles in a sort of ecstacy

Dances upon his eager, padding feet

Straining himself to hear, to feel , to see

And rushes at a call to meet the one

Who of his tiny universe is Sun


                           Lost Dog by Frances Rodman

Photographed by Angela Hinds, Jett's Mom. His story is so cool.  Jett had been at the pound for two weeks.  No-one saw him.  He just waited, and Hoped. We took him into our program, and in two months, Jett found his place in the Universe.  He's amazing and awesome.  And his new family loves him and are good to him.  He was a high risk kid, and the planets aligned for him, and for us.


We are grateful we were a part of his journey.  Stories like his is why we are in this.
You can help get our "Kids" get to their "Forever Homes"!!!

Do you want to help but don't know how?  We can always use Walmart bags or other store bags, dish soap, laundry soap and bounce sheets, toys, treats, plant based cleaners, paper towels, rawhides and so much more.  We love our community's support and appreciate every single thing to help us continue our Mission -


These fortunate, beautiful kids have found their "Forever Home" and we share their

heartwarming stories

with you!


One of our latest adoptions is 


 read more on Speedy and other Adopted Dogs

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Success Stories & Supporters

"Dogs just love us-no matter how we call em"

"Patches", now "Okie", in his new forever home in Colorado. 


What a great success story!  :)  


Go to Home at Last for more success stories

 Thanks to David and Julie, we have completed three of our four porches around our facility . . .


                  Read More!

To All in Rescue - Keep up the Extraordinary Fight. Don't Believe for a Moment that You Cannot, or Do Not, Make a Difference. Yes, the Tide is High, but Our Force Keeps the Water from Enveloping The Ones we Can Reach.


          -Lori, Haven of Hope Rescue


“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.”

                    - Mother Teresa


will be staying with us at Haven of Hope Rescue until she is ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  She is a soft and sweet spirit, and we just want her to be happy while she is here on earth, as short as that time may be - we Love Her.