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Home at Last  III  

Jilly was adopted by a wonderful young couple that will keep her busy as they are very outdoorsy people.  Jilly will be going to her new home in Texas this week (Christmas week)!!!  Her new Dad loves to run, and since Jilly loves to run too, it's a perfect match!  Jilly's new Mom is very easy going and Jilly took to her right away.  We just know this is a wonderful fit and we are so excited for Jilly!


Kelly was adopted by a wonderful couple that LOVES dogs!  Her new family has three other dogs and Kelly has a huge back yard and a doggy door so she can go outside as often as she likes!  She is having fun with her new brother Punchy and even though Beethoven and Mozart are a little older and don't like to play as much as Punchy, she likes them too!


Kopek went to his new family right before Christmas and is in the perfect place!  He has two wonderful girls that adore him and two boys that think he's pretty cool.  His new Mom and Dad made sure he had lots of Christmas presents and he LOVES to hang out with his new family and watch TV.  Kopek is a special boy that deserved to be home for Christmas.  We are VERY grateful to his new family for giving him his place in the universe.


Sparrow is home with her new and wonderful family!  She moved into a beautiful new home with Gwen and Dave, and she will be surrounded by children, one of her favorite things!  Sparrow has been with us for quite awhile, and she has always been such a good girl.  We are absolutely thrilled that she is finally home!  She has a HUGE back yard, and two people who love her very much and will give her everything she needs to be happy.  YAY FOR SPARROW!!!!!


Cisco was adopted on December 18 by a wonderful family with two young kids who were SO gentle and sweet with Cisco.  He fell in love immediately, and his new kids were so happy when he climbed up into the back seat with his sweet wiggly self.  He is in a wonderful home and we are SO happy for him.  Yay Cisco!!!


We are SO excited to share that Spiro has been adopted by a lovely couple from Piedmont!  Spiro was adopted during our Peanut Butter and Milk Bone Drive held on December 8, and was introduced to his new sister amidst lots of tail wagging and nose kisses.  Spiro has been with us for quite awhile, and it is SO wonderful that he is finally with the family he has been searching for.  Spiro's new Mom and Dad are so kind and good, and Spiro has not only a family with a huge back yard, but huge hearts!


Dewey has been adopted and now lives with his new sibling Worm and his kitty cat siblings with his brand new MOM JODI!  Dewey has waited for a long time to be in such a wonderful home and is just as happy as can be!  Score another one for the GOOD GUYS!!!!

Curly Bill AKA Tyson

Curly Bill has found his forever home with one of the front office technicians at our very own, much loved Britton Road Vet Clinic!  We are so happy for Curly, newly named Tyson, because he will come with his new Mom to the vet clinic often and will have lots of people to "ooh" and "aah" over him, and other dogs and puppies to spend time with.  Tyson is Home!!!!


Milo has the perfect home.  He will be going with his new Dad almost everyday to work, and on those days he can't go with his Dad, he will be with his other siblings down the road from his Dad's house with FAMILY!  Milo is in the PERFECT HOME!!!!!


Chunk is home with his new family!  His new Mom and Dad have built a fence for him, and Chunk will go everywhere with his new Dad, as he is going to be his constant companion and go to work with him, to the lake, and fishing!  Yay for Chunk!!!!


Gretta is home with her awesome new Mom.  Gretta's new Mom took time to get to know her.  She came and visited with her for a few hours one day.  Then she came back and visited with her for a few more hours.  She touched Gretta often, and was sweet to her.  Gretta liked her VERY much, and by the second visit, Gretta was lying by Her feet, instead of mine.  We are so happy that this beautiful soul has gone to live, with her new beautiful soul.  There was a good connection and a "kinship" between Gretta and her new Mom that was easy to see.  Thanks to wonderful people, wonderful rescue kids are with wonderful people

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