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Home at Last IV 

Shaboomz has been adopted!!!


Shaboomz went to her new forever family!  She now has a lab brother named Gunner to hang out with and sleep with, and her new Mom and Dad love her to pieces!  Yay for Shaboomz!!!

Emmitt was adopted by a wonderful family and gets to sleep with his new teenager!  He has a swimming pool, lots of room to run and play, and is loved very much by the whole family!

​Hershey came to our facility on the first day of our opening.  It was the coldest winter we remember, and he was a pretty boy that had been left at our local Police Department.  After hanging around with the police officers a day or two, they gave us a call to see if we could help him.  Hershey went through a series of skin issues and lost huge clumps of his fur due to Demodex Mange (not contagious).  After eight months of working to get him through the infections and finally getting him to a place where some of his fur had grown back in.

 Hershey went to live with his new family in Durango, Colorado.  He spends half of the year in Durango, and half of the year in upstate New York, where he no longer suffers from skin irritations like he did in Oklahoma, and is living the life he was meant to have.  His Mom treats him to duck treats, routine baths with wonderful soaps, and a big fluffy bed where he sleeps close to her and his new sister and brother.  Hershey was the first rescue into our program and we are grateful for our part in helping him on to reach his forever home!

​Here are a few more stories of our most recent adoptions.



Dottie and Wolfie have been adopted! 


Their new home is an 8 acre farm with an older dog and a couple who love them very much.  Dottie's new Mom reports that Dottie is wet almost all the time, because she loves getting in and out of the swimming pool they bought for them, and also any buckets, bowls, or other water containers that happen to be around!  Wolfie's new name is Buster, and he and Dottie are enjoying living with their new family which includes donkeys, pet cows, and chickens!!!  They are worn out by the end of the day, and are just as happy as they can be.

Luca has been adopted by a retired couple who love him very much.  He has twice the love and someone is almost always home with him!

Hobie went to live with an Air National Guard pilot and his lovely wife and their pretty dog, Piper.  His new name is Herc, and he is being treated to lots of warm hugs, a soft bed, and a big sister that plays with him and keeps him company while Mom and Dad are at work.  He is loved and safe - which is what we want for all of our rescue kids!!!

Timber was adopted recently and all reports are that he is making himself quite at home!  He loves his new sister Rayna, and likes to curl up on the couch and snooze while his new Mom and Dad are at work.  He's a very laid back fellow and enjoys walking with his new family and spending time with them out in his new back yard!  Timber's new family love him very much and his new Dad is enjoying that Timber is a true "Guy's Dog!"

All these kids now have their Forever Home!!!
Hi everyone.  This beautiful Pointer/Bird Dog mix had seven puppies at the end of October.  She was found very pregnant by a caring couple who has protected this girl and her puppies since they found the Momma in a very rural area all by herself, an indication she was abandoned there.  

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