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Adoption Application

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Duncan is a beautiful, gentle Great Dane.  He has a few medical issues we are working on clearing up.  He has an old wound on his front leg that was let go for a very long time by the people who owned him.  When Duncan came to us, his wound was very bad, and he was skin and bones.  We've packed the pounds back on him, and his wound is healing, slowly, but it is healing.  Duncan loves people, and is okay with other dogs if introduced right.  He's a big baby, and knows sit, lay down, crate, shake, and minds very well.  He is a little strong on the leash, but is working on that.  He is house trained, and absolutely adores hanging out with his people.  Duncan is neutered, current on vaccinations, and is available for pre-adopt, which means you can apply to adopt him, but he cannot leave our facility until his wound is healed and he has been given the all clear by his doctor.

Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation   405-620-2411

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our board of directors, without whose guidance, support and dedication to our mission we would simply not be able to pursue this dream. 

                                                  THANK YOU!​​

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