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Home at Last II 


Inigo is enjoying the beautiful cool climate of Colorado!  Inigo has been in his new home now for a few months and is a happy boy!  We are so happy for Inigo!!!!


Dexter Lester has been adopted by his amazing foster Mom Jodi!  We are THRILLED for Dexter!!!!  His shy nature has made it tough to find the perfect home for him, so his wonderful foster Mom decided to keep him with her forever!  YAY!!!!



Carter has been adopted by some of our best friends!  Carter is living with his nurse Mom and gets to go to work with his new Mom!  We are SO HAPPY for Carter!  He's been waiting for such a LONG time for his Forever!!!  He hit the jackpot!


Stetson went to his amazing new home on Sunday!  As you can see, his new little girl feel absolutely in LOVE with him!  Alice immediately connected with Stetson and he with her.  He is living near the river outside of Hinton, OK, and has many acres to run and play on, with this huge family loving him every minute of the day!  Whoop for Stetson!!!  




Mocha is home with her new family!  She is enjoying a HUGE back yard with lots of trees and squirrels to chase, and her new furry brother and human family.  Thank you to the Jantzen family for bringing this beautiful girl into your lives!!!



Derby's been adopted too!!!


Roxy is home with her new Mom!  She has a beautiful home, a beautiful big back yard, and a kitty cat who wants to be her friend!  We are so happy for Roxy!

Mesa & Stetson

Mesa went home with her five children and her Mom and Dad!  She has a big back yard, a swimming pool, and the family will take her with them when they go the lake on the weekends!  She is one lucky and happy little girl!


Mesa's brother Stetson has been adopted too . . 


more to come!


Jenny has been adopted by the wonderful woman who stepped up to foster her so we could pull her out of the shelter.  Jenny is a very special girl, and her new Mom is a very special Lady!  Jenny is HOME!!!!


Bogie went to his Forever Home

with his new young couple and is doing great!

 "After the Dog Park" 

He is living a great life and we are SO happy for him!!!!

 "Before the Dog Park"

Bogie is having lots of fun with his new Mom and Dad


Lark has been adoopted!  More coming soon.


Wrigley went home with THREE GIRLS!  She is in an awesome home with a big family that loves her to pieces.  We are SO excited for her!!! :)  Thank you Anderson family for bringing this sweet girl into your lives and your family!!!!


Jessy was adopted by a couple with a huge back yard and lots of love to give to her.  She has settled right in, and is happy as a clam!  She gets to be with one of her people almost all the time, as someone is almost always home.  We are so happy and excited for Jessy!



UPDATE!  Elvis AND Magnet have been adopted . . . read more about Elvis below.


Magnet has been adopted!  His new Mom is a police officer, and works eight days, then she is off six, so she gets to spend plenty of quality time with Magnet.  I visited him recently in his new home, and he is one very happy boy!  His new Mom comes home at lunch to check on him, and he is attached to her already!  We are so happy for Magnet!


Elvis went home with his new Dad on Friday March 1!  He's living large with his new Dad and Grandpop - he gets to go for long walks every single day, and he also gets to run with his new Dad twice a week!  He has a huge back yard, and is getting lots of love, treats, and time out with his new family.  Elvis has LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!


Libby Girl went home with her three new girls and her Mom and Dad yesterday!  Libby was so sweet when her new family came to meet her.  She made sure she didn't put her paws on the little girls, and just wiggled and danced she was SO happy to meet them!  Libby is in a wonderful, caring home with five beautiful and gentle people.  She will get all the love and sweet kisses she deserves!  We are SO happy for Libby!!!!


Patches arrived in Littleton, Colorado on 3/13/13.  He is settling in very well with his new family, and latched right on to his new family!  He is finally home, in the beautiful Colorado mountains with a HUGE back yard and people who love him.  We are SO happy for Patches!!!!!

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