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Fostering a Rescue Dog

Good day everyone! What a gorgeous day it is at Haven of Hope Rescue! We have dogs and puppies outside in every yard, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful green grass! Have you ever considered fostering a rescue dog or puppy? If you have ever thought about it, maybe you could go ahead and give it a try!

Every time a foster steps forward for a Haven of Hope Rescue kid, we can help another dog, because it frees up space in our facility. We are currently full to the brim, and we need space!!!

Please consider fostering one of our wonderful rescue kids and help us help more high risk dogs and puppies! Attached are a few photos of our rescue kids that would LOVE to be in your home with you!!!! There are LOTS of ways to help rescue organizations and fostering is a hands on, wonderful experience. You agree to foster one of our rescue kids, and we provide a crate, medicines, all vet needs, and food if needed too! Please get in touch with me to learn more, and let's free up some space at our facility so we can help the next one that needs us!!!!!

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