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Dreams Really Do Come True!

Since 2009, Richard and I have worked to help as many needy dogs and puppies as we possibly can. We have helped a LOT of lives! But we haven't done it alone. We have had major support from SO many people across the U.S. and even beyond. We have had tons of local support from our business leaders, each invested in our growth and success. We've made a TON of friends, found so many new supporters, have made progress and have grown beyond our dreams....but wait, growing and helping more dogs and puppies IS our dream! And we will continue to work hard to grow and expand. Work on our new facility will soon begin again. We had about a year and a half where everything came to a grinding stop so we could care for a beloved family member in his golden years. He would be so proud. Daddy, your encouragement and love as I was growing up led to this deep love of dogs. Thank you for your guidance, love, and YOUR deep love of dogs, and for watching over me, and our mission, from heaven. I love and miss you.


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