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Thanks for donations for Inigo

We rescued Inigo from a very bad situation, and have spent the last two years trying to resolve all of his awful health issues. He's the sweetest boy you could ever imagine. We have addressed every one of his health problems with the exception of his ears. We have tried everything to clear up his awful ear infections, and we now need your help to provide surgery to once and for all finally end his pain and the terrible infections he experiences.

A dear friend launched a gofundme to try to help us raise these much needed funds.

Thanks to so many wonderful people that support rescue, Inigo's surgery was completed today. Everything went VERY well, and he is in recovery and will be transferred to Pampered Pets with Dr. Ledger, in Edmont, Oklahoma tomorrow to begin his Vet supervised after care. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that had a part in helping this beautiful and loving boy. We are SO grateful!!!!

More to come but Inigo is doing GREAT!!!! Thank you to the Blue Pearl Surgery Center and Dr. Streeter on W. Memorial Road, OK for caring SO much for this sweet Rescue Boy!!!! More tomorrow!!!!! (this pic is Inigo being transported to the surgery center this morning by his friends from Paws for Life, Edmond OK who have supported Haven of Hope Rescue with this sensitive and difficult surgery.


WE ARE SO APPRECIATIVE!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!! Inigo is on his way to his FOREVER!!!!

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