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Helping Haven of Hope Rescue Save Dogs

Good day everyone. Haven of Hope Rescue has had a very busy few weeks. We brought a sweet Boxer girl that had been horribly abused and neglected on Memorial Day into our home as her condition was very grave. Richard drove across town to pick her up from the sweet woman who found her, unresponsive and near death, in a ditch, with bailing twine tied tightly around her neck. She was skin and bones, and had wounds and pressure sores all over her body. After a vet check and a treatment plan, Elsa began to show improvement. Sadly, even after two weeks of love, care, good food, and all the soft touches we could give her, the damage to her body and organs was just too much and we lost her.

We took in a beautiful Labradoodle a few days later that was finally captured, after six months of dodging humans. She was suffering from a horrible neck wound and infection that we now know was caused by an embedded zip tie and cow fly tag. She remains at the vet receiving treatment, and we hope she will be able begin her new journey at Haven of Hope in the near future.

These two cases alone are examples of the continuous battle we fight to help as many needy dogs and puppies as we can. Every day, there are calls for help. Every day, we do everything that we possibly can to help as many as we possibly can. Elsa and Claire are two sweet souls we could not turn away from. They needed us, and even though we lost Elsa, we take comfort knowing she felt love, tenderness, and caring people around her for the last two weeks of her life, and that she lived in a home, with a soft bed, and humans that wanted nothing more than to right the wrongs done to her caring for her. That is Rescue.

Our program exists because of generous donations and support from our friends, family and the communities that we serve. We hold periodic fund raisers, and our adoption fees help us keep going. But we still need your help.

Donations in ANY amount are appreciated and needed to help us continue our Mission - TO SAVE DOGS. Thanks to your support, Haven of Hope Rescue has helped hundreds of dogs and puppies that otherwise would have been lost recover and go on to find loving, happy, and safe forever homes.

You can donate here:!how_to_help/c1cce OR if you would rather donate items such as dry dog food, wet wipes, cleaning supplies, or even trash bags, contact me at the number below. Every gesture of support matters to our Rescue Kids and helps us continue our work. Thank you for helping us continue SAVING DOGS!!!!

Lori Jones

Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation


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