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Transformation of a scared dog

Good day everyone. Haven of Hope Rescue is a not-for-profit canine rescue organization dedicated to saving as many canine lives as possible. We focus on high risk, last chance dogs and puppies that have no other Hope. We specialize in large and giant breeds, and our heart strings are pulled every day by pregnant mommas to be, mommas with new puppies, and rescue kids who have special needs that find themselves in kill shelters through no fault of their own. Those special needs may be medical, physical, or psychological. We accept dogs that are afraid, dogs with no social skills, injured dogs, very sick dogs, pregnant dogs, and last chance dogs that will die without our help.

When a dog or puppy is accepted into our program, they are fully evaluated, temperament tested, examined by our rescue vet, and provided any medical and emotional support needed. We provide all medical care and individual attention to all of their needs. Our facility is large and spacious, with several open dog yards so our kids can have plenty of time outdoors. We provide enrichment programs including ball play, toy play, chew time, music therapy, training, lots of physical activity and plenty of time in the sunshine. Our rescue kids eat good, nutritious meals, and each has their own indoor room. Our facility is heated and cooled, so when the weather is too hot, too cold, or too stormy, each has their own safe place to retreat, sleep, and wait for the storms to pass.

Haven of Hope Rescue was founded in 2010 by my husband Richard and I. Since the day we opened our doors, we have helped hundreds of dogs and puppies find their way out of danger and confusion and into wonderful, loving homes. We are dedicated to our mission - TO SAVE DOGS.

Over the past few months, we have accepted several new dogs and puppies into our program that had no other Hope but us. We have had a few emergency cases, and we have had our annual inspection for our shelter license, which included updating all of our rescue kids on site on their annual vaccinations along with their health checks. Several of our kids have been waiting for their forevers for a long time.

While we do have a few trusted foster families that help us, we are primarily an on-site facility and provide the day to day care and attention that our rescue kids need. We don't cut corners on their care, and we ensure that they have everything they need to be healthy, happy, and adoptable. We work to heal their spirits as well as their bodies. Our Haven is a place for healing, for recovery, and for a renewal of Hope.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us continue our mission.

Deacon is one of our new kids. (Photo credit Sherry Stinson, TylerDog Photography). He came to us from a very frightening environment, where he learned how to duck, hide, and run to keep himself safe. Human hands scared him when he first arrived at Haven of Hope. But now, he runs to us and is learning how to let us touch him and show him love. He was saved from certain euthanasia due to his behavior, which was simply, fear. Now that he no longer has a reason to be afraid, we are seeing his beautiful spirit emerge and it gives us renewed faith that this work is meaningful. Thank you all for your past and continued support in helping us Save Dogs. Click the link to donate online:

Mailing address available via request. THANK YOU.

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