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We've Suffered a Set Back and Need Your Help

Good day everyone. Haven of Hope Rescue is dedicated to saving as many dogs and puppies as we possibly can. When we accept a dog or puppy into our program, we make a commitment to them to love and protect them, care for them, provide them with everything that they need to thrive and heal, and to go to all measures possible to help them live happy, meaningful lives and to adopt them into loving homes.

Last week, Duncan, our beautiful chocolate Great Dane suffered stomach torsion, or bloat. This is an extremely serious condition, and is life threatening if not treated immediately by emergency surgery. Duncan was rushed to the emergency room, and underwent this life saving surgery. We were so grateful that we caught it in time. Thanks to very swift action on our part, and the part of the emergency center, Duncan is back at our facility and recovering very nicely.

The same day that Duncan was due to come home, one of our personal Danes, Katy, suffered bloat as well and was rushed to the emergency room. Immediate surgery was done, and our Katy is now also back home, and is recovering very well. Her recovery is a little slower, because she is eight years old. (Duncan is four). We are so relieved that both of these kids will be okay.

With that said, every rescue has emergency vet bills and surgery expenses that exceed expectations, and that no amount of planning can prepare us for. To have ONE of our kids treated for stomach bloat about knocked us flat, but to have TWO in three days has really hit us hard. These surgeries are anywhere from $2500 - $5000. Our cost for Duncan's surgery alone was $3100.

We are in the middle of prepping for winter, and this has set us back significantly. We must somehow recover these funds in order to have winter funding and to be in a position to help pregnant momma dogs and puppies over the cold months as well as to respond to strays and lost dogs exposed to the cold weather. We typically see a drastic decrease in adoptions over the winter and holidays, and our donations drop off steeply too. We simply must have funds set aside to get us through the winter.

If you can help us at all by making a tax deductible donation specifically to help us with the expense of Duncan's surgery, please click the link below and enter any amount. No amount is too small, everything helps us. Thank you so much for all of the love and concern from our friends and supporters. We truly could not do this work without each and every one of you. We appreciate you all so much.

Gratefully, Lori and Richard

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